Info for Guests

Watch Party for MusiCares

The all-star cult air-drum comedy
“Adventures of Power,”
in conjunction with the world’s
premiere drum magazine,
Drum Channel, is hosting online
Watch Parties to raise money
for MusiCares – and to promote
our Guests & the causes they care about.

“In a word, Yeah. In two words, Fuck Yeah!” – Neil Peart

Previous guests include
Charlie Benante • Dave Lombardo • Ray Luzier • Todd Sucherman
& many more


Special Guests join “Power” director/star
Ari Gold on Zoom or Instagram Live, for a brief chat (30 minutes max) about music, spirituality, politics, charity, Neil Peart, and drums. This is fed live to all participants’ social channels simultaneously, so it’s easy for guests and fans to connect.) Then we move to the…

The film screens live on Amazon Prime, with chat so that fans can continue connecting with the artists. Ari will stay on Chat for the whole film, and Guests are invited – but not required – to do the same. That’s it!

We are honored that you may consider joining us.
Thank you for being part of healing the world.

NOTES ON CHARITY: All funds raised go to MusiCares, to support musicians in need during this difficult time. If Guests want to support a different charity, this can be arranged. Watch parties are set up to fit Guests’ schedules. 

NOTES ON PROMO: Drum Channel and AirDrummer will promote the Guests who appear on the program through all our social channels. You can also shout-back to AirDrummer.com and Drumchannel.com on the web, or @adventuresofpower and @drumchannel on Instagram. 

NOTE FROM ARI: When “Adventures of Power” was originally released a decade ago, Neil Peart was a generous supporter of the film. Now that I finally got the rights back, and am working with my friends at Modern Drummer for the re-release, I’ve decided to give all the proceeds from these events to MusiCares. It’s in honor of Neil, and all the musicians who make life worth living. We understand that time is precious, so we’ve made this a fun, no-stress way for artists to connect with fans during a difficult year – while also helping MusiCares!


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