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ADVENTURES OF POWER. March to the beat of your own drum… even if you don’t have one. In this star-studded cult classic, an outcast rock’n’roll fan named Power battles across the nation to rescue his town, by competing in an epic air-drum battle. If he finds his heartbeat, he could change the world.

“Spinal Tap-caliber! Imaginative sight gags and laugh lines are timed like a Neil Peart solo, but the film also inexplicably succeeds as a melodrama and a heartfelt pro-labor statement. The wonderful cast includes the sublime Jane Lynch and a raft of people we should have heard of already.” – Time Out

The epic tale of air-drumming and the American Dream stars ARI GOLD, ADRIAN GRENIER, NICK KROLL, CHI CHIU LING, JANE LYNCH, MICHAEL MCKEAN, SHOSHANNAH STERN, STEVEN WILLIAMS. With songs by Rush, Judas Priest, Phil Collins, the Dazz Band, & many more. Original soundtrack by Ethan Gold.


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