Neil Peart as Himself


“Rush drummer Neil Peart was a gentleman, a writer, a friend, a good man, and the greatest drummer on earth. He came out of his shell to appear in this little movie, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that that the Professor himself would become a mentor and friend. He helped promote us, and supported our charity to re-open a music school in inner-city New Jersey. As he said about Power: ‘In a word, Yeah. In two words… Fuck Yeah!’…

“I think Neil saw in us something of the independent artist he and Rush always were. There are a million unfinished stories – our plan for me to air-drum along with him at the opening of the hockey season in Canada. Motorcycle rides. Conversations about writing. All of the Rush and Anthem families are still processing the loss, but living with what he’s left – great music, great words, and a great spirit. My love goes out to his family and to Geddy and Alex and to his fans.” – Ari Gold


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