Ethan Gold

After one fateful night coaching me to play Power on stage, my brother Ethan Gold, a hugely talented singer/songwriter, was tasked with making not just an orchestral score to capture the working-class heartbeat of “Adventures of Power,” but also to write and record literally dozens of songs, in every possible genre, to fill out the movie beyond the famous songs we we could afford to use.

I asked Ethan for such genres as: Mexican death-metal about cereal, New Jersey workin’ class anthem, Algerian rai, pop-country-meets-pop-punk-and-hip-hop, 1970’s power ballad, early-80’s electro funk, and so much more.

He didn’t sleep for a few months, but he delivered what I believe is the greatest original soundtrack of all time, which serves as a kind of “second movie” for all the characters and worlds. (Even the words, in English, Spanish, Arabic and more, are hilarious and beautiful.) Follow Ethan on Spotify and get the soundtrack here.

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