Air Guitar

Air-drummer Power was born at US Air Guitar where air-guitar king Bjorn Türoque watched him get expelled for air-drumming to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.” Bjorn helped the air-guitar purists see the wisdom, and later invited him to be in an air band. Power ended up as a judge and air-drum performer in front of 7000 people at the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland.

Power also returned to US Air Guitar in order to play all guitar, bass, AND drums all at once, and, above, to do the most ridiculous air-guitar of all time, to Jeffrey Osborne’s “Stay With Me Tonight,” (with real guitar by Queen’s Brian May!) in honor of his funky trainer, Carlos.

While air-guitar requires flair and verve, air-drums win the day for sheer endurance, especially when you do it without a stool. But okay fine, air guitar’s cool, too.

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