Dirty Heads Drums

Dirty Heads combines the power of stadium rock songwriting with a reggae-influenced sound, which is likely to make you dance as make you feel. That’s what they’re a perfect fit with the vibe of “Adventures of Power,” especially since their latest album was described by Jared “Dirty J” Watson describes as “a 70s sci-fi kung fu Western car chase soundtrack.” Perfect mashup with an 80s kung fu rock’n’roll style like Power! The Dirty Heads’ reggae-rock vibe is influenced by Sublime, but is thinking forward. We’re super excited that groovy drummer Matt Ochoa will be joining us for a AirDrummer.com show with Sublime with Rome’s Carlos Verdugo. We are going to move!


You can also listen to this HotSticks.fm podcast with Carlos Verdugo on HotSticks.fm – please subscribe to the show, thanks!

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