Adrian Grenier as Dallas H

I asked the non-air-drummer of my band The Honey Brothers, Adrian Grenier, (“Entourage“) to play Dallas Houston – billionaire, drummer, cowboy, cologne designer, anti-air-drum activist… and closet air-drummer. While Adrian’s managers wanted him to be a dramatic movie star, I knew he was a really funny dude. Perfect for Dallas H. -spoiled scion of copper-mining billionaire Dick Houston, with a secret. 

“Check out these extended tracks from the movie. The first is the music video for “A Little Like You,” written and performed by my brother, “Adventures of Power” composer Ethan Gold, and air-drummed and lip-synced by Adrian. I asked Ethan to do a hard thing: make a song that was (1) pop-country, (2) pop-punk, (3) pop-hip-hop, (4) cringingly horrendous, and (5) plausible as really effing popular. My brother made a song so brilliantly awful it almost caused a meteor to destroy our planet.

And below is the extended version of Dallas H.’s appearance on MTV cribs. Hot stuff! – Ari Gold

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By the way, many people wonder how someone named “Ari Gold” made a movie with Adrian Grenier, the star of Entourage. To, to clear it up: Adrian Grenier is an actor, musician, and environmental activist. I am a filmmaker. I am not an agent on the TV show. That character was based on a real person named Ari Emanuel, but when Adrian Grenier’s managers created the show, they watched him play in a band with me, and thought, “cool name!” They didn’t ask permission, or pay me, but after a few years of torture, I decided to make this revenge video: Entourage the movie.

Adrian Grenier Illustration