Todd Sucherman Drums + Styx

Styx may be the band that rocked so hard they made the character of Annie go deaf in “Adventures of Power.” Born on the south side of Chicago in the late 1960s, they became kings of arena rock, being the first rock ‘n’ roll group in history to have four consecutive albums go platinum. Holy cow! I’d cross the river for that.

Though we were unable to get “Blue Collar Man” approved in time to use in the movie, I went go to a drum show dressed as Power (video above!) and punked genius Styx drummer Todd Sucherman (and a confused crowd) with an air-drum rendition of that working man’s anthem. Todd was a gentleman with a great attitude, and ended up helping our first charity drive, donating seed drums to raise money for music education. He continues to be a drummer’s drummer – not just paving the way with great skill and creativity, but giving back to the community. And… he even played with our Harlan, Michael McKean in Spinal Tap! We’re still suspicious that he might be a better drummer than air-drummer, but that’s okay as long as he drums with air… styx…


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