Breaking Benjamin Drums

Breaking Benjamin is an amazing band out of  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania by lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burnley, and has rocked with crunchy guitars and emotional songwriting. In the United States alone, they have sold more than 7 million units.

Breaking Benjamin’s drummer Shaun Foist has been laying down a heavy, meticulous groove on the road and in recording studios for numerous Midwest and East Coast rock bands for over 20 years. Heavily influenced by Neil Peart (along with Tico Torres and John Bonham), Shaun continues to study, teach students, and be inspired by the work of his contemporaries – and considers live performance and touring two essential keys in fully developing as an artist. And for Shaun, it may be that drums are like a musical version of racing cars. What kind of car? A Ferrari… or maybe… a Red Barchetta? We’re honored that he rocks with his Neil-Peart-duet partner Harley DeWinter on our AirDrummer show. 


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Breaking Benjamin – Shaun Foist