After a few years of performing local gigs on the Sunset Strip, Diamante rose to fame with several singles including “Coming in Hot” and “Haunted.” She toured with Bad Wolves and was featured in their song “Hear Me Now.”

Drummer Harley DeWinter grew up with music in his blood and an influence from none other than family friend Rikki Rockett from Poison. It’s no wonder Harley was constantly making beats on desks, tables, and his chest. Is it possible he’s also a closet air drummer? Ih middle and high school, Harley formed and marketed his own OC Music Award winning group, UnDVided (later called My Mechanical Heart), performed with SIREN, and A+ Dropouts on the Vans Warped Tour. He has rocked with Diamante since 2018 and we’re psyched he’s bringing his wisdom and energy to our AirDrummer show with his Neil Peart duet sparring partner Shaun Foist.

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