Dazz Band Air Drums

The Dazz Band was named for “danceable jazz,” but I thought of it as Funky Dave’s band. As a kid I looked forward to every Tuesday, when a mustachioed, long-haired bus driver had his shift driving our school bus for those 50 minute grueling minutes. Funky Dave blasted the Dazz Band, the Gap Band, Heatwave, and other keyboard-bass-driven funk, and he bounced in his seat, he bounced as he yanked the crank to open the door, he bounced at the stop lights. He was fired for dancing and I was so pissed! The injustice influenced Power.

The Dazz Band has been bouncing since 1976 and continues to rock it today. Their breakthrough Grammy-award winning hit “Let It Whip” had to be in the movie. Written and produced by Reggie Andrews, it was as much of an air-drum shaker for me as Tom Sawyer. The song is like a hit version of “Lovin’ Tonight,” the song my brother Ethan Gold created for the (fictional) band Gas Station in the movie. (Best funk band in New Jersey, which trainer Carlos used to play drums for.)

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