Anthrax Drums

As I think back to my teen air-drumming, one of the most intense bands to power my angsty arms was Anthrax, and their music was and still is the soundtrack to those who want to know the true meaning of thrash metal. When they came on the scene, they were scary, they were harder than anyone else, they were from across the nation (so far from Cali… New York… what’s that??), and they were man enough to cry. I loved them. And now, I’m so honored the brilliant Charlie Benante joins us for an Air Drum Movie Night on January the 5th, benefitting Musicares!

I would also like to point out that playing air-drums to Anthrax is extremely dangerous, because you can end up lying on your back and gasping for breath because your energy has been destroyed. You’ve been warned, it’s “Death Rider”… then death! That’s why Power drinks massive quantities of Benante’s Blend coffee before, sometimes during, and definitely after air-drumming. Click the link above and get yourself some Dark Matter coffee if you know what’s good for you! (And remember the tiny cowbell break or you know nothing.) Get your coffee and merch at this link to be forever powerful: Forever Metal!

You can also listen to this HotSticks.fm podcast with Charlie Benante on HotSticks.fm – please subscribe to the show, thanks!

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