Air Drums

“I started as an air-drummer,” says METALLICA’s Lars Ulrich.

“I started on pillows,” said RUSH’s Neil Peart.

I wound up meeting all sorts of amazing air-drummers out in the world with their invisible drumsticks. Air-drumming is the heartbeat uncaged.

As Steven Williams (as Carlos) says, “Any fool
can play drums. It’s easy. But when you have got to bounce your hands off air, when you’ve got to bounce your hands, off the substance of life, down, up, up, down, that is a double workout. You know that, I know that. But these clowns? They wanna make a joke out of us. You know what I’m sayin’?” Imagine that!

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Ari Gold, director/star of “Adventures of Power,” has a Guinness World Record for air-drumming. It’s not crazy…!

As Neil Peart told Ari, “The advice I always give to parents, too – you know they’ll say ‘Oh I wanna get my kid some drums. Which ones should I get?’ I’ll say, well get a pair of sticks and a practice pad and lessons. See how it goes for a year. If they’re playing that practice pad, or like me, I’d spread magazines around my bed, it would be Keith Moon drums, you know?… Totally relates to the air-drumming thing. I would make these wonderful drum-sets out of magazines and then beat the covers off them.”

The move that got Ari his record, as he “conducted” 2300 air-drummers, was a combination of AC/DC air drums, Rush air drums, and Tommy Lee air drums.

Air Drums