Sina-drums and Jasmine Star Music



When we think about Internet rockers Sina-Drums comes to mind. Sina Doering, also known by her YouTube Channel name Sina-drums is a German musician and drummer. Doering began her career by filming herself playing drums and uploading the videos to YouTube. If you haven’t seen this drummer in action I suggest you go over to YouTube and check it out. Absolutely amazing! In 2016, she released her first studio album, Chi Might. She also has one more studio album available , Chi Might II.

In 2017 she  joined an original band, called The Gäs (‘The Guess’)  

Jasmine Star

Seventeen  year old Jasmine Star has been playing music since she was three. She is a multi-award winning classically trained Pianist.  She has also been focused on Acoustic and Electric Guitar for the last several years.  Jasmine enjoys singing her original songs as well as collaborating with other artists. Check out her amazing work on YouTube under the name Jasmine Star Music. You are in for a treat!

Internet Rockers Photos!

Sina-Drums & Jasmine Star Cover YYZ (Rush)