Metallica Air Drums

I did a lot of air-drumming to Lars Ulrich as a kid – especially “Fight Fire With Fire,” which made my thighs strong like white tiger! And later I got the proof, above, that Lars started with air-drumming too. It ALL starts with air-drumming, apparently.

When I finally met Lars, after finishing the movie, he complained, “How come you didn’t use Metallica in the movie?” I told him I’d tried, which was true, but I never managed to break through the wall to his manager. He said, “Next time promise,” so I found a way to use Metallica’s “Battery” in my next film, The Song of Sway Lake, even though it’s about people who collect jazz from the 1930’s. Lars donated to our charity and he’s a good dude. Anyone who talks shit about him to me will get punched in the face.

To do some Metallica air drum style, I teamed up with Air Guitar expert Hot Lixx Hulahan to jam on the steep wall, high above where Metallica used to rock in the early 80’s – The Stone, the old punk club on sexy Broadway, San Francisco!

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