Van Halen Air Drums

While on tour with “Adventures Of Power“, I was invited to be a judge and performer at the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland, which was ironic because when I first met them, Air Guitar USA had forbid me to play air-drums in their competition. I decided to rock some Van Halen.

“Hot for Teacher” is incredibly difficult to air-drum to, especially with no stool, because of the double-bass drum action. Alex Van Halen played with both feet, and Eddie Van Halen played extra toms with his hands. As Power, I did all of it. It took me hours to recover.

I suggested that the Air Guitar World Championships ask St. Sanders, the Finnish genius who made all the Shreds videos, to be one of the other judges. You can see “St. Sanders” Santeri giving me a perfect score at the end. Maybe for the shorts.

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